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We have worked with James and Ansbro Mouldings over the last number of years and have always found their service and quality to be excellent. Whether it was for new cornice or restoration of existing cornice their work is always of the highest standard. We would have no hesitation working with Ansbro Mouldings again in the future.

 Kevin O’Rafferty, Snr. Quantity Surveyor, Whelan O’Keeffe Construction

James has done the entire internal plasterwork for two period houses for us over the past ten years.  His professionalism and attention to detail are second to none, as is the quality and standard of his work.  I would have no hesitation in recommending him for even the most complicated plasterwork.

Neil Hughes FL Partners

Ansbro Mouldings provide excellent design advice, a very high quality product and fitting service, and deliver on time.

George Clarke Builder & Private Client

We have used the services of James Ansbro for over twenty years. The projects have varied from contemporary buildings to period style homes. All the jobs have been unique one offs and James has been part of the design team from the start. His ability to see the end product and then create it is one of the attributes of this unique team. Have no hesitation in recommending him to future clients.

Seamus O’Neill, OPW, Property Management

Quick and efficient service combined with exceptional skill and attention to detail. I would highly recommend.

Oisin O’Reilly, CEO, Outhouse

I don’t think it’s possible to over emphasise just how much, cornicing can enhance the beauty of a room. Even the smallest room or space can be totally transformed with the right cornicing, and it can be fitted so quickly. The range of options on offer from Ansbro is almost limitless. I would strongly recommend a consultation with them if you are considering a renovation project.

 David Agar, Profile Properties