We are experts in the area of restoration and preservation of ornate plasterwork and have worked on numerous Georgian and Victorian homes, Hotels and Courthouses throughout Ireland.  

We will always endeavour to save original mouldings and restore plasterwork to what it would have been when first installed.

We also have a specialised cleaning/paint removal system that is efficient and environmentally friendly, which removes all layers of paint while exposing and preserving the ornate detail on heavily enriched cornice etc.  

This archway was removed due to dry rot, so we replicated and reinstated as new.

This damaged ceiling rose was carefully restored and reinstated.

Severe damage was caused to ornate work due to renovation so we moulded a new ceiling panel and reinstated to under stairwell.

Here the old stud walls were removed so the cornice had to be repaired, replicated and reinstated with a new Ceiling Rose added.

External walls were insulated so the old cornice came down during works.  Cornice was replicated from the remains and reinstated.

Here a false back was inserted to facilitate services so cornice was removed, replicated and matched on the new wall.

This ceiling was copied from another within the castle and reinstated to the front hallway.